The response to prevent of COVID-19 infection was lifted from June 1st, 2023.

The response to prevent of COVID-19 infection was lifted.  Accordingly, the followings have reverted to the pre-COVIT-19 from June 1, 2023.


■Going through a hole in a pillar 

There is a pillar with a hole at Great Buddha Hall. The hole is the same size as the nostril of Great Buddha. It is believed that if you could crawl through this hall, it means you are clever.


■Lifting of one-way on the main approach


■Open one space on the west/front side of Great Buddha Hall


■Placing the incense burner in the center front of Great Buddha Hall


■Using a ladle at Chozuya (where you can wash your hands before worshipping)


COVIT-19 Prayer for the Convergence of Infections at noon has concluded at the end of May, 2023.


Alcohols for sterilization are placed and available near the entrance of each hall and also at Omikuji (Paper fortune-telling) booths, so please feel free to use it.