(Great Bath House)

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Important Cultural Property / 13th century

As one descends the covered corridor leading westward from the north side of the Nigatsu-dō and continues on between the Refectory and the Shelter of Reclusion one reaches a path lined with sub-temples. This is the main approach to the Nigatsu-dō. As one proceeds further, on the far side of some rice paddies one sees a structure with a hip and gable roof on the front and a simple gable roof on the rear. This is the Great Bath House, which was built by Chōgen. The interior of the long structure is divided into three sections, the front of which is an antechamber. The middle section, the bath chamber, holds a great iron boat-shaped bath tub (Important Cultural Property) cast at Chōgen’s request by a certain Kusakabe Koresuke in 1197. The room to the rear has an earthen floor and served as the furnace room. The structure conveys with great fidelity the appearance of a bath house from the medieval period. (Not open to the public)

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