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12th century

This hall, with its hip and gable roof, is built on the site where Chōgen had erected the Jōdo-dō which burned in the fire 1567. During the late seventeenth century Kōkei built the present hall to commemorate the great accomplishments of Chōgen and as a place to hold memorial services for him. Subsequently, the seated Portrait of Chōgen was moved to the hall as its main image. Although this statue is traditionally attributed to Kaikei, its actual authorship is unclear. Also housed in the structure are a standing Amida by Kaikei (Important Cultural Property) and a late Heian seated Aizen Myō-ō (Important Cultural Property).


Photography and sketching and using a flashlight are prohibited in the Hall.


(Skt. Ragaraja)
(A holy priest Chogen)
(Skt.  Amitabha Tathagata)

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