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Immediately to the west of the Great Buddha Hall is the Sashizu-dō. If one proceeds further westward on the left one comes upon a precinct surrounded by an earthen wall known as the Kanjin-sho, consisting of a bell tower, the Kōkei-dō, an Amida Hall and the Hachiman-den. At the time of the Edo period reconstruction of the Great Buddha Hall the monk Kōkei built this compound as the headquarters from which he directed the project. Enshrined in the Hachiman-den at the rear of the compound is the secret image of the Shinto deity Hachiman in the Guise of a Monk (National Treasure), sculpted by Kaikei in 1201. With its piercing eyes that look slightly upward, raised eyebrows, and upturned mouth with folds carved at the edges the treatment of the image is naturalistic, yet it possesses the authority of a kami. The statue of Amida Meditating Through Five Kalpas (Important Cultural Property) is said to have been brought back from Song China by Chōgen. With its fleshy face, small features and compact seated posture, the statue is reminiscent of a child. (On view on October 5th)


Photography and sketching and using a flashlight are prohibited in the Hall.

Amida Hall

The Five Kalpas of Reflection by the Buddha Amida (Gokō shiyui Amida nyorai zazō)

Hall of the Hachiman Deity

Hachiman in the Guise of a Monk (Sōgyō Hachiman shin zazō)

Hall of Priest Kōkei

Priest Kōkei (Kōkei Shōnin zazō)

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