Senju-dō at the Kaidan-in​

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17th century

Facing the Kaidan-dō at the western side of the compound is the Senju-dō, built in 1605. In a lacquered feretory-like cabinet on the altar in the hall is a statue of Thousand-armed Kannon. Said to have been made at the end of the Kamakura period, this beautiful image with its well-proportioned face and body is covered completely with gold paint. The interior of the feretory is painted in painstaking detail. On the front doors are paintings of the Twenty-eight Divine Protectors, and images of the gods of wind and thunder, and on the rear wall is a depiction of Mount Potalaka, the paradise of Kannon. (Not open to the public)


Photography and sketching and using a flashlight are prohibited in the Hall.


(Thousand-armed Kannon)
(Ven. Jianzhen)

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