The Shuni-e Ceremony 2023 (Mar. 1st – 14th)

During the Shuni-e Ceremony, large torches appear on the balcony at Nigatsudo hall every night from Mar. 1st to 14th.  It’s been said that bathing in the fire’s sparks will prevent illness.

The monks led by the torch, enter Nigatsudo hall.

To prevent the infection of COIVT-19, during the Shuni-e ceremony, the number of people watching the Otaimatsu (torches) on the lawn under Nigatsudo will be limited from Mar. 1st to 10th, 13th &14th.

After 17:30 on Mar. 11th and after 16:00 on Mar. 12th, no one will be allowed to enter the Nigatsudo area, and also no one will be allowed to watch the Otaimatsu (torches) near Nigatsudo hall. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 

Regarding the Shuni-e ceremony, please refer to here.